Vitality: Science and Otherworldliness

Vitality: Science and Otherworldliness


Vitality is wherever in light of the fact that God’s vitality is inescapable. God’s vitality exists in water, plants, creatures, shakes, and even lifeless things. On the off chance that you remain on the ground and practice Yoga, Kendo or Qigong, you can attract vitality from the earth and store that vitality in your body. You can likewise pull in God’s vitality from the Sky the stars, sun, moon, planets, cosmic systems and from the rudimentary particles of room itself. As indicated by the physicists, there is a concealed Higgs field with which every single rudimentary molecule associate and get mass. Since every single mass ha vitality, basic particles in this manner have vitality that enables them to be a piece of a bound together entire that is in a dynamic condition of transition. This system of vitality we propose is an undetectable God Field that possesses the whole universe, and in an ongoing article we recommended that the physicist’s concealed Higgs Field and the mystic’s imperceptible God Field are one and the equivalent.

Quantum Material science:

In the event that you are working theoretically as a physicist in the CERN Research centers in Switzerland and you make two rudimentary particles with inverse twists and afterward send one molecule toward the South Shaft and the other toward the North Post, the particles still convey their turn headings to one another. Assume the molecule in the South Post turns clockwise, at that point the molecule in the North Shaft thus will turn counter clockwise. In the event that the molecule in the South Post changes its turn from clockwise to counterclockwise, at that point it’s partner in the North Shaft will change its turn from counterclockwise to clockwise. Einstein and his partners at the Organization of Cutting edge Concentrate at Princeton College called this prompt correspondence, “Creepy communication at a separation.”


We recommend that at the season of the Huge explosion, just God’s uncommon Light vitality particles existed in a resting state. At the point when God caused the Huge explosion and started our universe, His resting vitality particles ended up motor vitality and correspondingly broadened with the extension of our universe. Our otherworldly computations further propose that God’s extraordinary compacted Light vitality particles possess around 625 billion miles and that this gigantic measure of God vitality particles could undoubtedly spread out to end up the three dimensional space of the universe itself. God additionally enriched individuals with a spirit that is freely shrewd from the human mind, and like oxygen fills in as a real existence imperativeness power to keep us alive. Amid pregnancy the hatchling gets another bit of God’s vitality just as old bits of soul energies extended from past lives that together comprise our Heavenly soul. It is the old soul vitality of our latest past life that gets revived in Paradise with the goal that the whole Celestial soul that incorporates into the human cerebrum of the baby and after that bit by bit spreads to every one of our organs and cells after birth is 100% positive.

The Human Body

Isaac Newton proposed that for each activity there is an equivalent and inverse response. In the event that we speculatively substitute twists of these quantum material science particles with the contrary energies positive and negative vitality then we can likewise make a two way trade. Our recommendation is speculative in light of the fact that God’s gift of vitality to these particles is exclusively positive vitality. Anyway both of these conditions of issue, positive and negative vitality, do exist in one natural framework on the planet the human body. Negative vitality is discovered no place else as God structured people with novel qualities. In Beginning God discloses to Adam that He is making the human species the overseer of the world to control over the planet. Since God additionally gave people Through and through freedom, they and not God would choose how they would administer the earth.

Types and Wellsprings of Vitality inside the Human Body:

The human body is particular from all other life frames on the planet in that once conceived, it can sully its positive Celestial soul vitality with both negative and dim wickedness vitality. These energies running persistently along vitality pathways in our bodies are independent from the great and awful good decisions we make in our lives. We as a whole have experienced commonly skeptical people who transparently “channel” us of our constructive vitality when we hear them out or endeavor to support them. What we may not understand is that other than depleting our positive vitality, these griping people are likewise sending us their adverse vitality since vitality transmittal or vitality gathering must as per quantum material science and Newton be bidirectional. Along these lines one wellspring of negative vitality is cynicism.

A second wellspring of negative vitality can emerge out of a non-adherent who is additionally hostile to profound. In the event that you are an otherworldly individual and endeavor to talk otherworldliness with non-profound people, they won’t just transmit their non-profound adverse vitality to you yet in addition they will deplete your constructive otherworldly vitality. This does exclude humanists who we accept are profound without putting stock in God. There are times in life when you have to help individuals yet you have to save your sympathy for the individuals who wish to help themselves a profound way or, as Jesus lectured, who through no blame of their own like the rationally sick or the penniless can’t support themselves. Moral decisions don’t bring negative vitality. For instance dismissal from someone else does not bring you pessimistic vitality since this is an ethical decision with respect to the individual harming you. Moral decisions are independently scored by God who is making a decision about us consistently to decide whether we will get access to the future Messianic Age.

Dull malevolence vitality is an outrageous type of negative vitality and can be passed to you by either the Fiend or by one of his companions whose spirits he has willfully or automatic co-selected. Fiendish vitality section is dangerous and has been talked about for a considerable length of time. Individuals have utilized an assortment of methods to secure themselves against the “stink eye.” now and again the transmitter of fiendishness vitality acts straightforwardly and fiercely however in different cases you may not realize that you are accepting this dull vitality. The Fiend shrouds these shrewd creatures’ aims as they seem, by all accounts, to be all great, truly affable, and even as beguiling as President Obama. Since the Villain is responsible for our Abhorrent Tendency to ethically pick terrible over great, he doesn’t actuate the Underhanded Tendency in his mystery devotees. They in this way show up as sweet as crusty fruit-filled treat. Amusingly God made the Fiend and gave him his huge fiendishness controls as part human and part holy messenger to guarantee that we would have Through and through freedom to pick among great and insidious and among God and the Villain. The Fiend is the most hazardous animal on earth and he is expanding his insidious herd of adherents every day.


Are there threats in getting vitality from individuals who guarantee to help recuperate you? Undoubtedly on the off chance that they are sending you a blend of both positive and negative vitality or mixes of vitality that incorporate insidiousness vitality. The last dull vitality particularly can quickly change your level of positive soul vitality that you have and can make you debilitated and even reason demise. You need no less than 18 percent positive soul vitality to stay alive. Since vitality is dependably a two path transmission as indicated by the physicists, the healer will get negative and fiendishness vitality en route and in the long run transmit this to his next unfortunate casualty. We trust that you can perceive how the vitality elements can change geometrically if a healer is sending blends of vitality at the same time over the wireless transmissions to a huge number of individuals dissipated far and wide

There are three different ways that the healer can change the level of negative as well as malevolent vitality the person in question is transmitting. One route is to rehearse Qigong and draw in and store progressively positive vitality from the universe with the goal that the person can expand the constructive to antagonistic underhandedness proportion before transmission. The second is for the healer to figure out how to shield himself from taking in contrary vitality from the individual he is sending positive vitality. A precedent is wear the red string having the since quite a while ago perished Jewish Authority Rachel’s vitality around your wrist or wear different religious special necklaces or utilize sweet-smelling and fundamental oils as shields. Anyway the Villain’s incredible shrewdness vitality may just be halfway repressed from entering you, or maybe not in the slightest degree, by these procedures. Unquestionably you would prefer not to get any “mending” vitality from a healer who is Directing, since the Fallen angel passes his dim underhandedness vitality to the healer over the span of the false Diverting association with the soul world. The third way is the most attractive. Have a technique for evacuating the negative and insidiousness vitality inside the healer before he passes his alleged recuperating vitality onto the beneficiary or large number of beneficiaries. We have portrayed a system to take out both negative and insidiousness vitality from our human body in our new book that is both God-focused and experimentally based. Anybody can figure out how to utilize this system which utilizes God’s Light to take out the negative and fiendishness vitality. We would trust that Healers apply this strategy to themselves before passing on their positive vitality to those in need.

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